Cluster Analysis

  • Brian Sidney Everitt
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Cluster analysis is a generic term for a wide range of numerical methods for examin- ing multivariate data with a view to uncovering or discovering groups or clusters of observations that are homogeneous and separated from other groups. In medicine, for example, discovering that a sample of patients with measurements on a vari- ety of characteristics and symptoms actually consists of a small number of groups within which these characteristics are relatively similar, and between which they are different, might have important implications both in terms of future treatment and for investigating the aetiology of a condition. More recently cluster analysis techniques have been applied to microarray data (Alon et al., 1999) and image analysis (Everitt and Bullmore, 1999).


Bayesian Information Criterion Complete Linkage Agglomerative Hierarchical Cluster Cluster Criterion Complete Linkage Cluster 
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