Analysis of Linguistic Features Associated with Point of View for Generating Stylistically Appropriate Text

  • Nancy L. Green
Part of the The Information Retrieval Series book series (INRE, volume 20)


We describe a qualitative analysis of a corpus of clinical genetics patient letters. In this genre, a single letter is intended to serve multiple functions and is designed for multiple audiences. The goal of the analysis was to identify stylistically-related features for a natural language generation system. We found that, perhaps because of the multiple intended functions and audiences, within a single letter more than one writing style (set of realization choices) can be observed, and the sets of features are associated with different perspectives. Thus, an NLG system must take perspective into account to generate stylistically appropriate text in this application. The paper outlines the perspectives and the features associated with each that were identified in the corpus.


clinical genetics patient letters style analysis natural language generation perspective point of view 


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  • Nancy L. Green
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  1. 1.Dept. of Mathematical SciencesUniversity of North CarolinaGreensboroUSA

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