Postscript: the Durban Accord and the Next Ten Years

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Scientific analyses (and even divination for that matter) have their own pitfalls in foretelling the future. Nevertheless, the background that has been laid at the 5th World Parks Congress will direct many of the activities in matters related to protected areas. This will occur after the approval of the recommendations by the Action Plan by the World Conservation Congress in 2004. The targets, which have been set, however, will not be achieved without the co-operation of the local communities, private sector, NGOs, governments and international instruments. Nevertheless, the experience that has been gained from the previous four World Parks Congresses, together with the successes achieved, will be instrumental towards achieving the targets that have been set. Much will depend on the effectiveness or otherwise of existing international and national instruments. In southern Africa, South Africa will be expected by both the international community and the neighbouring countries to be a catalyst in regional programmes. After all, South Africa has become something of a model on its own.


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