Proxy Caching for Database-Backed Web Sites

  • Qiong Luo
Part of the Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series book series (WISE, volume 2)


Database-backed web sites face great challenges in performance and scalability, due to the large and growing amount of online activity at these sites. To address this performance and scalability problem, we study research issues in improving common proxy caching techniques for database-backed web sites. The key insight of the work in this area is to add some query processing capability to web proxies so that they can share the workload of the backend database server. We discuss alternatives and considerations on adding a query processing capability to a web proxy using our work as examples. We find that it is feasible and useful to have web proxies perform advanced caching beyond exact URL matching for database-backed web sites.


Active query caching database-backed web sites proxy caching 


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