Wireless Web Performance Issues

  • Carey Williamson
Part of the Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series book series (WISE, volume 2)


This chapter discusses performance issues that arise for Web content delivery in wireless local area network (WLAN) environments. Two experiments are conducted using IEEE 802.11 b WLAN technology, The first experiment considers client-side Web browsing performance for a mobile user with a wireless PDA in an infrastructure-based WLAN. The second experiment considers server-side performance for a wireless Web server delivering Web content in a wireless ad hoc network environment. The results show that the wireless network bottleneck can lead to inefficient HTTP performance, inefficient TCP performance, packet losses, and network thrashing, depending on the characteristics of the Web traffic generated. Solving these issues is important to improve wireless Web performance.


Web performance network traffic measurements IEEE 802.11b WLAN 


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