• Shoichi Ishiura
Part of the Proteases in Biology and Disease book series (PBAD, volume 4)


ADAM9 (meltrin γ, MDC9) was first described by Yagami et al. (1995) as one of fertilin-like my m oblast-expressed gene products. Although only meltrin α (ADAM12) is required for myotube formation, meltrins β (ADAM19) and γ are involved in various cellular processes. The sequence of the predicted ADAM9 contains several domains like other ADAMs: a signal peptide, a zinc-dependent metalloprotease domain, a disintegrin-like domain, a cysteine-rich domain, an epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like domain, a transmembrane domain, and a C-terminal cytoplasmic tail. ADAM9 is predicted to be an active metalloprotease due to a catalytic site consensus sequence HEXXH in its metalloprotease domain.

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ADAM9 metalloprotease disintegrin 


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