Reaching Out from the Writing Classroom

Research Writing as a Situated, Public Act
Part of the Studies in Writing book series (STUW, volume 15)


This article analyzes college-level composition by exploring how premises that prevail in current research on context-situated writing inform the design of college-level composition courses. Specifically, the discussion builds on the premise that writing in any context, in school or out, should be seen as a situated, public act that makes sense within a constellation of literacy practices. This chapter illustrates how we have enacted these principles in the design and sequencing of assignments in the first-year research writing course at our own institution, Eastern Michigan University. The design of our first-year research writing course is located within the theoretical premises informing our pedagogy; these challenge the notion that college-level writing courses should focus exclusively on helping students enter an “academic discourse community” and suggest instead that they should help students think strategically and become flexible writers.


research writing multi-genre college composition alternative discourses public writing literacy practices writing for the community 


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