The Norwegian Computing Center and the Univac 1107 (1963–1970)

  • Knut Elgsaas
  • Håvard Hegna
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The Univac 1107 computer installation at The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) from the summer of 1963 was an important asset for Scandinavian research and industry that also set the ground for object-oriented programming. The key to many of the successful computer systems and applications created during the years that followed, was that NR at a very early moment in the history of modern computing, managed to acquire the most suitable computer for these developments and establish a fruitful user community around it. The unwinding of the installation during 1969/70 led to a strong conflict that began as an internal dispute between the employees of NR and its managing director, and ended as an open struggle between NR and the Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (NTNF) and to subsequent changes in the research organization of Norway.

Key words

Central computers research policy Simula 67 Univac 1107 


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  • Håvard Hegna
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