Case Study: An Immunization Data Collection System for Private Providers

  • William A. Yasnoff
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In this chapter, a first-person account is provided of an effort to design and build an immunization data collection system that would link private providers with an existing state registry. The system had to be efficient and also mesh well with existing provider work processes associated with administering immunizations in 1,500–2,000 private provider offices. The experience related here illustrates the application of many of the public health informatics principles that have been presented in numerous chapters of this book. It especially demonstrates the importance of involving prospective users in the development of solutions to problems and of recognizing that high-tech solutions are not always the most effective. Finally, the entire experience emphasizes that effective practice of public health informatics is more than a science; it is also an art requiring the exercise of imagination and human relations skills in meeting the needs of and dealing with the constraints posed by users.


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