New Means for Increasing Data Accessibility

  • Robb Chapman
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Increasingly, organizations are finding that data are an expensive and valuable resource that needs to be husbanded carefully. Today, access to data takes several forms; the form varies according to the type of data analysis to be performed. Although there are many reasons that an organization might not want to share data, there are also benefits that an organization can derive from data sharing. The history of data-sharing technology over the past three decades has led to today’s Web-based approach to database deployment. Although the current Web-based approach to data sharing has undeniable advantages, it also features certain disadvantages that render the approach less than ideal. The concept of a data web as a means of providing data access holds promise of providing an architecture that overcomes the limitations of today’s Web-based approaches. It also accommodates the increasing need to examine data from socioeconomic, criminal justice, and environmental domains in conjunction with public and private health provider and payer data.


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