Introduction to Oxygen Evolution and the Oxygen-Evolving Complex

  • Terry M. Bricker
  • Demetrios F. Ghanotakis
Part of the Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration book series (AIPH, volume 4)


In this chapter, we will introduce Photosystem II and photosynthetic oxygen evolution. In this highly endergonic reaction, light energy is used to extract electrons from water, with the concomitant production of molecular oxygen, and to reduce plastoquinone to plastoquinol. The electron transport processes occurring during these reactions will be reviewed. The properties of the various subchloroplastic preparations which evolve oxygen will be discussed and summarized. The intrinsic proteins, which are required for oxygen evolution, and the extrinsic proteins, which act as enhancers of this reaction, will be examined from both structural and functional perspectives. Additionally, the roles of the cofactors associated with the photosystem (manganese, calcium and chloride) in the formation of the active site of the oxygen-evolving complex will be discussed. Finally, possible mechanisms for water oxidation will also be examined.


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