Progress in Post-Quantum Physics and Unified Field Theory

  • Jack Sarfatti
Conference paper
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 126)


Progress in extending the de Broglie- Bohm-Vigier (AKA dBBV) quantum ontology to the experimental mind-matter problem is reported in Part I. Progress in extending Einstein’s classical orthodox holonomic topology-conserving general relativity of 1915 to the unified field theory including topology-changing anholonomic torsion fields from the “hyperspace” of M-theory is reported in Part II. I also make a conjecture that the empirical duality in the Wesson compared to the Sirag data plots, noted by Gray in 1988, is actually showing the M-theory T-duality R ↔ 1/2R, n ↔ m1 The Wesson “Regge trajectory” (Kaluza-Klein excitation n ↔ winding number m) mass scale ∼√αM P → 10 18 Gev ∼ l P /√α ∼ 10 −32 cm. The “dual” Blackett-Sirag magneto-gyro mass scale ∼ M P /√α → 10 20 Gev ∼ √αl P ∼ 10 −34 cm, where α ≈ e 2 /ħc ≈ 1/137 and M P ≡ √(ħc/G) → 10 19 Gev ∼ l P ≡ √(ħG/c 3 ) ∼ 10 −33 cm. What is clear is that we now have a new “telescope” directly into the quantum gravity scale showing strong anholonomic unified field effects beyond Einstein’s 1915 theory. This is as important as the Hubble flow, the cosmic microwave background, missing mass, gravity waves, and the anomalous acceleration of the universe. A completely new conception of COSMOS is now emerging from the actual data.


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