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High Efficiency, Single-Stage GM Cryorefrigerators Optimized for 20 to 40K

  • C. Wang
  • P. E. Gifford


Cryomech, Inc. has developed (2) single-stage GM cryorefrigerators optimized for the 20–40K temperature range. The Models AL230 and AL330 were designed for high efficiency and high power cooling of HTc Superconducting Devices. The structural parameters of the AL230 and the AL330 were optimized using a numerical simulation program. The regenerative materials used are the industry standard lead spheres and phosphor bronze screens. Both the AL230 and the AL330 obtain the minimum temperature of <11 K. The AL230 provides 30 W at 20 K, or 65 W at 30 K when operating with a CP950 Helium Compressor Package, with an input power of 5.4 kW (60 Hz). The AL330 provides 45 W at 20 K, or 101 W at 30 K with CP970 Compressor Package, with an input power of 7.0 kW (60 Hz).


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  • C. Wang
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  • P. E. Gifford
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  1. 1.Cryomech, Inc.SyracuseUSA

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