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Performance Characteristics of a 4 K Pulse Tube in Current Applications

  • C. Wang
  • P. E. Gifford


The Cryomech Model PT405 has cryo-cooled several applications during the past year where both its 4 K temperature and pulse tube characteristics were required. The specifications for the PT405 have improved since it was introduced. Presently the typical cooling capacity is 0.6 W at 4.2 K on the second stage with simultaneously 30 W at 65 K on the first stage with an input power of 4.9 kW. With the new CP900 Series compressor packages, the PT405 maintains the same performance for both 60 Hz and 50 Hz power supplies. The force transmitted into a cryostat by the PT405 base plate is less than 3.6 N. The same test registers a force of 178 N for a 4 K GM Cryorefrigerator. The maximum displacement (elongation of the base tube assembly due to the cycling of the high and low pressures) at the 2nd stage heat exchanger is 52 μm. Some applications of the PT405 are presented in the paper; such as, operating a low vibration cryostat, conductively cooling a superconducting magnet, pre-cooling an ADR X-ray detector and condensing helium.


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  • C. Wang
    • 1
  • P. E. Gifford
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  1. 1.Cryomech, Inc.SyracuseUSA

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