Implementation of hDE-HTS Optimized T2FPID Controller in Solar-Thermal System

  • Binod Shaw
  • Jyoti Ranjan NayakEmail author
  • Rajkumar Sahu
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1042)


In this paper, a fair approach is interpreted to validate the novelty of Type-2 Fuzzy PID (T2FPID) controller over Type-1 or conventional Fuzzy PID (FPID) and PI controller as secondary frequency controller and Heat Transfer Search (HTS) algorithm is adopted to extract the optimum gains of the controllers. T2FPID controller has a beautiful property to handle large uncertainties of the system with extra degree of freedom. T2FPID controller is implemented in a two area interconnected thermal-PV power system to enhance the system performance. ITAE is adopted as objective function of the system to lessen the undershoot, overshoot, and settling time of frequency and tie-line power deviation. A novel hDE-HTS algorithm is adopted to enhance the system performance by searching the relevant pair of gains of controller. This analysis is executed by implementing a step signal (load disturbance) of magnitude 0.1 in area-2 to study the transiency of the system. The novelty of this work is to implement hDE-HTS optimized T2FPID controller to enhance the Solar-thermal system responses (Frequency and tie-line power deviations).


Automatic generation control (AGC) Differential evolution (DE) Fuzzy PID controller (FPID) Heat transfer search (HTS) PI controller Type-2 fuzzy PID controller (T2FPID) 


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  • Jyoti Ranjan Nayak
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