Low-Pass Selective Filters with Critical Monotonic Amplitude Characteristic (CMAC) in the Passband

  • Vančo LitovskiEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 596)


Low-pass filters with critically monotone amplitude characteristic (CMAC) in the passband are subject of this chapter. Their unique property is that the first derivative of the amplitude characteristic touches zero (without changing its sign) in maximum number of points at the ω-axis. Unified theory of synthesizing their transfer functions will be given so creating the Butterworth, Papoulis (Legendre), Halpern, and LSM filters. Tables will be given (for the first time) containing data on the pole positions of these filters up to the 10th order. Properties of the attenuation characteristics of all CMAC functions will be studied and comparisons will be given based on several criteria including the passband and stopband behaviour. Comparisons will be given related to the group delay characteristics and time domain performance of all CMAC filters. Design example will be given. An alternative method for creating the CMAC characteristics will be cited.


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