Abrupt Scene Change Detection Using Spatiotemporal Regularity of Video Cube

  • Rupesh KumarEmail author
  • Sonali Ray
  • Meenakshi Sharma
  • Basant Kumar
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 587)


In this paper, we propose the detection method of abrupt scene change using spatial as well as spatiotemporal frames of video cube. Most of the methods use either intensity or motion of pixels for the scene change detection methodology. Unlike to the existing methods, both the intensity and flow vector of video frames are used simultaneously in this paper to propose a general abrupt scene change detection method. For a spatial frame, flow energy function is used for detection. Flow energy function, defined by the spatiotemporal regularity flow model, is the combinatorial form of intensity and flow vectors of the frames. In the spatio-temporal frames, abrupt scene change appears as a vertical line which is detected by the edge detection method. Combined results of spatial and the spatio-temporal frames provide the location of scene change. The proposed method detects almost all the locations of scene change with negligible false detection.


Regularity flow Video cube Flow vectors Spatiotemporal Boundary Edge detection Abrupt change 


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