Alienation and Reification

With Comments on the “Debate over Early Marx” in Japan
  • Lixin Han


From the exposition of the proceeding chapters, it is evident that the concepts of alienation and reification are vitally important for elucidating points of transition of early Marx’s thought. Whilst the alienation concept has already been addressed in Chapter V and Chapter X, the reification concept and its relation to alienation remain untouched. A distinction between these two concepts presupposes knowledge of Hegel’s concept of Sache selbst as well as the economic terms exchange and money. Having explored Hegel’s thought from the Jena period and Marx’s Comments on James Mill, it is now time to survey their differences. To be sure, distinguishing between these two concepts not only aims to ascertain intentions and extensions, but, more importantly, to link them to a shift in perspective that occurred for Marx after the writing of Comments on James Mill, namely the transition from individual to society.

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