An Overview of the Technological Applicability of Plasma Gasification Process

  • Spyridon AchinasEmail author


Recent increased environmental and political pressures, the unstable perspective of the fuel prices, and the fossil-resource-based energy have risen the industrial interest into the energy that can be produced from waste and have enhanced the technological findings in waste-to-energy sector. Sustainable waste treatment is an essential element in efforts to improve sustainability. Plasma gasification is considered an alternative for the abatement of municipal waste and has been demonstrated for the treatment of various wastes more in Japan, Canada, and the USA than in Europe. The goal of this mini-review is to brief the plasma-based gasification technology. This study includes a technological overview of the PG process, a survey of existing PG facilities, a comparison with other thermal techniques, and an identification of its environmental impacts.


Plasma gasification Waste management Sustainability Green energy Thermal technology 


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