Evaluating Effectiveness of AMFI Campaigns: A Study Based on AIDA Model

  • Medha KulkarniEmail author
  • Gurpreet Attal
  • Vaibhav Vasundekar
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In today’s highly competitive, vibrant and technology-driven financial markets, marketers are always under pressure to deliver the best to the markets. Organizations are not only supposed to upgrade themselves to meet the customer expectations but also communicate and convince potential investors with the help of advertising. The mutual fund industry is currently trying to position itself better in relation to other financial products in the market. SEBI and AMFI traditionally have played a vital role in educating investors and improving awareness about MF industry. As a part of that, AMFI has unleashed a very ambitious investor education campaign to popularize mutual funds in March 2017. Recently, in April 2018, AMFI has launched the next phase of the campaign. It communicates the benefits of being invested in the stock market for long time, especially when markets give volatile returns. The “Mutual Funds, Sahi Hai” (mutual funds are right) campaign has touched investors as well as noninvestors across the country. The responses from the campaigns are not only seen in the views and opinions but the industry has also experienced an upswing in the year 2017. The basic purpose of advertising is to attract attention among the consumers and to persuade them to take action. This campaign was nationwide successful; but, it is imperative to study the effectiveness of the campaign in Tier-II cities like Aurangabad (Maharashtra). The present study investigates the effectiveness of AMFI campaigns with the AIDA model for mutual fund products in the city of Aurangabad.



No human being was directly/physically involved/handled in the data collection process. Data is collected via Google form. No ethical issues are involved in the experiments reported in this paper.


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  • Gurpreet Attal
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  • Vaibhav Vasundekar
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