Remote Monitoring of Axle Loads for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

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A practical approach on remote monitoring of axle loads for heavy commercial vehicles with mechanical suspension was presented. At present, there are motor vehicles act implemented in most of the countries against operating commercial with overload. The major root cause for many truck accidents is overloading. When a truck is loaded more than its rated load, it will increase the risk of affecting vehicle stability while driving. Due to overloading of trucks, the driver will loss the steering control during turning and braking, and this loss of control leads to major accidents on roads. In some cases, even when the cargo load is within the rated load, any one of the individual vehicle axle will get overloaded due to non-uniform distribution of payload. Uniform distribution of loads is important for safe vehicle operation. Overloading of trucks will reduce the life of tires and parts related to suspension from their actual service life, which leads to increase in service cost for the vehicle. The best way to overcome these problem is to monitor each axle loads by avoiding traditional method of weigh bridge measurement. Axle load monitoring system presented in this paper works under the technique of capturing axle load with respect to the deflection of mechanical spring suspension. In addition, the system supports remote data capturing using telematics device. This will avoid the physical presence for measuring.


Axle load Fleet Gross vehicle weight Overloading Payload Pulse-width modulation Rated load Telematics 

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