Service Industry Safety

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  • Qun Lian Hong
  • Ling Qiu
Part of the The Great Transformation of China book series (TGTC)


With the improvement of the relative position of service industry in the national economy, as well as the expansion and deepening of opening to the outside world, the security of the service industry has been highlighted rapidly. Based on the preliminary assessment of the security situation of the service industry, this chapter reveals the potential industrial security risks in the opening up of the service industry. That is, after foreign capital enters China, it controls some high-quality enterprises and leading enterprises in the service industry through cross-border mergers and acquisitions, crowding out the survival and development space of local enterprises and national economy, solidifying China’s international industrial division of labor, restricting the development of other industries and even causing potential economic and social security problems. The main experience of foreign countries in dealing with the security of service industry is discussed. Finally, some countermeasures and suggestions are put forward.


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