Influence of Graphite Nanopowder-Mixed Dielectric Fluid on Machining Characteristics of Micro Electric Discharge Milling

  • K. V. ArunpillaiEmail author
  • P. Hariharan
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There is a need for efficient micro-machining process due to increasing demand for miniaturization. In this paper, an attempt has been made to improve the machining characteristics of Micro Electric Discharge Milling by mixing graphite nanopowder in EDM oil dielectric. Titanium alloy was machined using tungsten carbide as electrode and experiments were designed based on full factorial method, three parameters such as voltage, capacitance, and concentration were varied to find optimum machining conditions. Surface characteristics and material removal rate have improved by addition of graphite nanopowder in EDM oil while machining Ti-6Al-4V. The maximum Material Removal rate is obtained at medium discharge energy levels and low levels of discharge energy yielded good surface characteristics.


Micro electric discharge milling Graphite nanopowder 


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