Current-Induced Dynamics of Skyrmion Strings Investigated by Nonreciprocal Hall Effect

  • Tomoyuki YokouchiEmail author
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Dynamics of string-like objects is an important issue in a broad range of physical systems including vortex lines in superconductors, viscoelastic polymers, and superstrings in elementary particles physics. The string forms of magnetic skyrmions are present as the topological spin objects, and their current-induced dynamics attracts recent intensive interest. In this chapter, we show that the current-induced deformation dynamics of skyrmion strings results in nonreciprocal transport response associated with the real-space Berry phase of skyrmions. Prominent nonreciprocal nonlinear Hall signals emerge above the threshold current only in the skyrmion phase. The nonreciprocal Hall response originates from the emergent electromagnetic field, which results from deformation of skyrmion strings in an asymmetric manner due to Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction.


Skyrmion strings Nonreciprocal transport response Second-harmonic Hall effect Current-induced dynamics of skyrmion 


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