Application of Battery Energy Storage System in Industrial Plants

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With the soaring demand for cleaner, safer, high quality and more reliable power, the necessity for an alternative energy sources and smart electrical grid increases which can respond to the growing needs of system operators and energy consumers. Power systems in utility grids and industries also undergoing major structural transition with reducing cost of renewable and energy storage system. In addition there is a strong global pressure to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. Battery energy storage system (BESS) emerges to play an important role in stabilizing power supply to industrial plants with improved power quality as well as reducing carbon footprint. BESS performs the tasks of load leveling/peak load shaving, voltage and frequency regulation and maintaining the power supply to critical loads in case of grid outage, virtually removing the requirement of emergency DG power sources. The article discusses about the feasibility of maintaining electrical power to critical loads pertaining to a continuous process plant by integrating grid islanding and load shedding to ensure safe shutdown of the plant. This will save the plant from major capital damage.


Battery energy storage system BESS Peak load shaving Voltage and frequency regulation GHG Smart electrical grid 


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