Microgrid for the Purpose of the Development of Net-Zero Energy Green Buildings and Communities Towards 100% Renewables Vision: Microgrids as the Buildingblocks

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The usage of energy in the world has greatly increased, including those from renewable resources. The usage of renewable energy, especially in the form of distributed generation, is beneficial for the environment. The delicate ecosystem needs effective systems for the better utilization of the natural energies. Solar and Wind power lead the types of renewable energy that are integrated into electrical power system, thanks to major advancements in conversion technologies like solar panels and wind turbines. However, wind and solar are intermittent and hence need complex control systems in the power systems to address such variations. State-of-the-art solutions are available today that enable the usage of these variable energies without losing the full capacity of generation and also stabilize the overall grid on a modular level to provide the maximum efficiency for use with the loads. These are made possible due to Microgrid control systems. For a (net-zero energy) green building requirement, the control of power through such automated systems make available the best quality power and also utilize any generation and storage sources within the building. These hybrid–like systems make possible optimum utilization of the grid’s sources and varied loads to give the most stable system with quality power control.


Microgrid Multiple source Distributed generation Energy storage 


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