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A test for any takaful operator is how it handles claims when an event covered occurs. A thorough analysis of the claim is necessary in order to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent claims. The operator is responsible for refusing fraudulent claims and processing genuine claims swiftly. The starting steps in the process of handling claims are intimation by the participant or nominee, recording claims in the operator’s books and issuing claim forms. After receiving claim intimation, the operator issues claim forms in order to establish the following: cause of loss, which should match the events covered, otherwise, the claim is not payable; extent of loss, which usually applies in general takaful claims; and whether an investigation of the claim is needed. General takaful claims are usually processed by licensed surveyors. Surveyors engage experts to assess losses relating to vehicles, buildings and machinery. Surveyors assist the takaful operator to decide whether or not the claim is payable and, if it is, the genuine amount to be paid.


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