Smart Solar Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Footware

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  • Vinit Kotak
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Electronic devices are becoming smarter and miniature which can be easily integrated into any object and communicated wirelessly. One challenge is to power them up with available resources. This is the challenge that we face everywhere including mobile, tablet, laptop and other electronic portable devices. We are trying to harvest energy using solar, wind or other sources, and here, our main focus is to harvest the energy that we waste while walking, to charge and power electronic system inside the shoe. This shoe is designed for personal as well as militarily purpose where energy conservation is crucial. Soldiers who are on the field needs to power various devices on their body, and smart shoe can be a useful emergency option. Other features like tracking, calling, weight measurement, odor exhaust are also provided for other personal use, and USB out for mobile charging, etc., is also incorporated. This project focuses on charging a 2000 mAh battery inside the shoe while walking and using a solar cell mounted on the front of the shoe when the person is resting.


Energy conservation Battery Solar cell Electromagnet SIM800 USB 



I sincerely feel that the credit of this thesis could not be narrowed down to only one individual. It gives me great pleasure to express my deep sense of gratitude to my project guide Dr. V. C. Kotak for his resourceful and able guidance which lead to timely completion. It was really his insight and obsession for innovative ideas that motivated me to consider the idea seriously.

I am grateful to Prof. Subha Subramaniam (H.O.D. of Electronics Department) whose profound cooperation has been a pillar in making this project work possible. I would also like to express my deep regards and gratitude to the principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel. I would also like to thank the entire teaching and non-teaching staff of Electronics department, who extended their kind cooperation.

Thank you all and I wish you all health and happiness.


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  2. 2.Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering CollegeMumbaiIndia

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