A Prototype of Density-Based Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using Image Processing Technique and Arduino Microcontroller in Lab VIEW Environment

  • Anita MohantyEmail author
  • Subrat Kumar Mohanty
  • Jitesh Kumar
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Nowadays traffic congestion is a serious issue associated with transportation, the backbone of the economy of a city. Because of the rise in population and number of vehicles on a road, traffic jam is very common all over the world. Congestion not only rises pollution, stress, frustration but also wastes money, fuel. Another serious cause of congestion is the delay in red light at a junction. In our work, we proposed a technique to optimize the red light ON duration of traffic light controller depending on traffic. Regulation of road traffic at each junction in a city is the main aim of our work. Our system measures traffic density at different lanes at a junction and accordingly changes the time delay of red light. This system controls the traffic light by image processing using MATLAB. Cameras are installed for each lane to capture the image, which is analyzed by Lab VIEW to detect congestion on a particular lane and according to congestion, the green light of each lane is controlled from that lane using Arduino microcontroller.


Congestion Image processing Edge detection Traffic light Arduino microcontroller 


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  • Subrat Kumar Mohanty
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  • Jitesh Kumar
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  2. 2.College of Engineering BhubaneswarBhubaneswarIndia

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