Variations in the Use of v with the Prepositional, v with the Accusative, na with the Prepositional, na with the Accusative, iz with the Genitive and s with the Genitive

  • Marika KalyugaEmail author


This chapter discusses two sets of prepositional phrases, which evoke different image schemas: a Container (v+PR, iz+GEN, v+ACC) and a Surface (na+PR, s+GEN, na+ACC). The main attention is focused on the metonymic transfers underlying the variations in the use of these prepositional phrases with words of the same semantic group or with the same word. It is shown that words of the same semantic group or even the same word can be combined with different prepositions on the basis of the A WHOLE FOR ITS PART metonymy if this part has different spatial interpretations.


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