QoS in Vertical Handoff for Wireless Network Using Hungarian Model and Data Parceling Technique

  • G. U. MaliEmail author
  • D. K. Gautam
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1162)


In a heterogeneous wireless network, the server–client architecture plays a vital role. As the clients request the data from the servers, they analyze the requests and stream the data to the clients through a specified protocol of the instance network. When a movable node in the wireless network leaves the mother pool and enters the other pool, then data losing is a scenario that will occur for sure. The vertical handoff technique offers a solution for this to maintain the lossless network changing paradigm for the movable nodes in the heterogeneous network. Some vertical handoff techniques take much longer time to complete the handoff process, and this enables the system to stream the data through the buffer system present in the instance network or from another network. This not only slows down the whole process of vertical handoff, but also sometimes data loss is happening due to vertical handoff. To deal with this kind of poor quality of service during the vertical handoff, this research paper uses the data parceling technique. Streaming data from the server to the moving node in the network is divided into many parts, and then, they are loaded to ongoing threads handling the vertical handoff. The data allocation process of the system is powered with the Hungarian data assessment technique to perform the lossless vertical handoff successfully.


Data parceling Hungarian assessment model Vertical handoff Wireless network 


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