Application of Nanomaterials in Treatment of Endocrine Diseases

  • Khulood M. Al-KhaterEmail author
  • Ebtesam A. Al-Suhaimi


The endocrine system is very essential to maintain body homeostasis. Disturbance of endocrine function leads to well-established diseases; such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, infertility, and obesity. There is no absolute cure for these diseases; however, current treatment aims to monitor them and prevent their further progression. Scientists are working hardly to find better treatment strategies for endocrine disorders. Nanotechnology holds a great promise in finding solutions to these diseases, and this field is advancing very rapidly because of the targeted type of drug delivery, and hence, it reduced the side effects of the current medications. This chapter highlights the current state of researches concerning the use of nanotechnology in managing three examples of endocrine diseases: thyroid dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and obesity. For example, nanotechnology has been implemented in finding non-invasive routes of insulin delivery such as oral, nasal, or transdermal routes. Glucose nanosensors have been invented in order to improve the accuracy of detection of serum glucose. It is important to emphasize that this field of research is still in the preclinical stage and more work is needed to provide evidence of its safety. Immune response and toxicity are the main issues that concern researchers when using nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology Nanoparticles Thyroid disease Diabetes mellitus Obesity Toxicity Glucose biosensor Oral insulin Smart insulin 


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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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