Decentralised Ecosystem for Journalism based on Blockchain

  • Vaibhav AgrawalEmail author
  • Aishwarya Agarwal
  • Shailja Shah
  • Dilay Parmar
  • Udai Pratap Rao
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Significant improvement and adaptation of the blockchain technology have led to various implementations and use cases, which utilise the power of decentralisation, immutability, scalability and secure the flow of data between two parties. Journalism is controlling a huge part of society and if manipulated can lead to disastrous results. In the recent past, it has been noted how journalism or media can influence the mass population and be used in favour or opposition of certain entities. The ecosystem we are proposing would tackle the problem of news authentication by a voting system. The traditional system used in journalism today uses a centralised platform. In this paper, we propose a novel decentralised platform to make the world of journalism democratic by giving power to the people to filter the authenticity of a news article through a majority consensus.


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  • Vaibhav Agrawal
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    Email author
  • Aishwarya Agarwal
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  • Shailja Shah
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  • Dilay Parmar
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  • Udai Pratap Rao
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  1. 1.Department of Computer EngineeringS. V. National Institute of TechnologySuratIndia

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