Banana Leaves Diseases and Techniques: A Survey

  • Ankita PatelEmail author
  • Shardul Agravat
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Agricultural productiveness is an important sector within the Indian economy. Early detection of disease in plants is very important to improve the quality and production of crops. As stated, precaution is better than cure. Manual detection of diseases in plant leaves (within a farm) is time consuming and requires excessive effort; instead, a computerized method can save time and efforts and also can improve overall production. Banana is one of the most common fruits in the world and their growths are largely affected by various diseases. This causes decrease in production, as the diseases are not identified at an early stage. This paper provides a brief review of main diseases (illnesses) in banana plant leaves, and it also explains the image processing techniques that are used in the process of disease identification and classification using machine learning techniques in banana plant leaves. This research will be helpful to farmers to take necessary actions against the diseases and reduce the loss of crop yield and thus increase agricultural production.


Agriculture Image processing Plant diseases 


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