Random-Key Cuckoo Search (RKCS) Applications

  • Aziz OuaarabEmail author
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This chapter represents the random-key encoding scheme originally performed by Bean (1994) to solve, using genetic algorithms, combinatorial optimization problems for which the solutions are a sequence of integers. It is based on the process of interpreting random real numbers from the continuous space to encode a solution for a given combinatorial space. Based on the approach of Ouaarab et al. (2015a). It is combined random keys with cuckoo search to solve combinatorial problems such as traveling salesman and quadratic assignment problems (Ouaarab et al. 2015b). The idea is to try the transition from continuous to discrete space by avoiding the passage of traditional adaptation operators that can affect the performance of the algorithm and to rely firmly on a direct interpretation of operators used by metaheuristics in the continuous search space.


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