Nanoparticles for Sustainable Bioenergy and Biofuel Production

  • Muhammed Aasim
  • Egemen Foto
  • Muhammad Sameeullah


Nanotechnology is offering new technological improvements by using nanomaterials in various fields of science over the past three decades because of their distinctive properties in contrast to their bulk form. This technology can provide faster and more reliable methods to optimize energy resources from biological sources. Today, nanotechnology based products are found in daily life in a wide range of areas ranging from industrial measurement and detection devices, treatment systems, and wrinkle-resistant clothing to consumer-friendly products. Researches on nanotechnology are continuing to provide continuous improvement in life conditions by providing innovations in the fields of transportation, energy, agriculture, medicine, computer, and electronics. On the other hand, biofuel based on biological agents like algae, plants, etc. is another field which is gaining popularity and these biofuels are in use commercially. Recent advances in the biotechnology and nanotechnology open new window for researchers to enhance biofuel production. This study highlights the recent advances, contribution, and innovations in the field of nanotechnology to the development of biofuels.


Biofuel Biotechnology Nanotechnology Sustainability 


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