Management of Diabetic Foot Syndrome

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  • G. Arun Maiya


Background: In the previous chapters, we have learnt the various complications of diabetic foot syndrome. It is well known that if the condition is not managed well, it can progress to loss of the limb and ultimately a life. The approach of management and treatment option varies from patient to patient. Since we have focused on early screening of neuropathy, vascular, musculoskletal and biomechanical parameters for preventing the progression of DFS to the stage of amputation, the non-surgical management shall be discussed in this chapter. It includes reversing the ill effects of motor and sensory neuropathy, wound healing through prescribing physical exercises, use of oxygen therapy, photobiomodulation, offloading and appropriate footwear prescriptions. Readers are requested to refer other sources for surgical management of diabetic foot syndrome as our main goal is to assess and correct the biomechanical causes, thereby preventing future amputations. To the best of our experience, the conservative management of diabetic foot syndrome should be more focused on preventive than curative. Therefore, for easy understanding we shall learn the management in two approaches, that is, preventive and curative.

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