Detecting Fake Image: A Review for Stopping Image Manipulation

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Data manipulation getting bigger threat day by day with the dynamic tech touch for the time being. Image is represented by underlying pixelated data consisting by its area elements. By the blessings and high availability of smart technology and device, images took important part of humans memorable life events. This is the evidence with most consideration for significance by human eye view. A true image can be a big game player both in social and practical situation. Moreover the technological manipulation of an image named fake image can make violation in major perspective consideration rather than any thinking flow or data to obtain the difference of right or wrong. Here the detailed information obtained from the conducted a literature review on the fake detection identification techniques is presented. The review paper contains information related to different fake image detection techniques instead of making detection true and false image. Several detection techniques had been studied like iris recognition, Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Purkinje image-based. Simultaneously we have considered biometric systems for security aspects as well as 2D to 3D image transformation problems. For web based applications demosaicing detection method and a colour image change splicing technology we have analyzed. Moreover we found underwater dam methods can be used for crack detection, where we focused on fake colorized image detection. Most importantly we have studied on fake smile identification to enrice image forgery technology stronger.


Fake image detection Fake smile GLCM 


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