Statistical Analysis of Road Accident Data of UK Using Operational Intelligence Tool - Splunk

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In general, people believe speeding and alcoholism are the two main considerations that impacts on road accidents. We suspected that it would wise to investigate the impact information to guarantee the rightness of this conclusion and furthermore to get additional data like, which zones are prone to accidents, at what time most accident occurs, what were the road conditions, and so on. These encounters can perhaps make general populace aware of the explanations behind accidents made by impacts. To break down in million records, we embraced Splunk for speedier handling of this enormous information and analytics. In this paper, we are showing certainties based on data and analytics which lead to conclusions like the rate of accidents increased or diminished in between 2005 and 2014 in UK. Pushing forward in our exploration, we tended to complex investigation like areas in UK more inclined to accidents and severity of accidents occurred.


Accident data Big data Geo-spatial analysis Splunk 


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