IoT-Based Ambiance Monitoring System

  • Hritwik Singh PariharEmail author
  • Rajesh Nagula
  • Mayank Bumb
  • Danish Gada
  • Sharan Bajjuri
  • Rishesh Agarwal
  • Simran Chauhan
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This paper introduces a flexible ambiance monitoring system that records the real-time values of its surrounding’s environmental factors and then plots their line graphs. Its architecture include humidity, temperature, air quality and sound sensor connected to a single ESP8266 NodeMCU micro-controller. These sensors monitor the corresponding environmental aspects and return these readings to the NodeMCU. Since the accuracy of these sensors is quite respectable, this system could be utilized in many sectors like hospitals, military, mining, etc. Due to its simplicity and economical price, it can be potentially extended by adding more sensors and hence can be interfaced to meet specific requirements.


Environment Micro-controller IoT Ambiance monitoring Sensors 


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  1. 1.Visvesvaraya National Institute of TechnologyAmbazari, NagpurIndia

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