Computational Analysis of Dual Expander Aerospike Nozzle

  • Aswith R. ShenoyEmail author
  • T. S. Sreekumar
  • Pranav Menon
  • Gerogi Alex
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To increase the performance of current space launch capability new rocket designs are required. One concept that would undertake this need is an aerospike nozzle. The aerospike nozzle has proved its better performance compared to conventional bell nozzles. The major advantage of the aerospike nozzle is its altitude compensating ability since the expansion of the jet is not bounded by a wall. In the case of dual expander aerospike nozzle (DEAN) it uses separate expander cycles for both fuel and oxidizer with an aerospike nozzle. The present study includes the design of the combustion chamber and nozzle of the DEAN and its numerical analysis for producing a thrust of 2000 KN and a specific impulse of 420 s. The given input conditions are exit Mach number of 3.9, combustion chamber pressure and temperature of 180 bar and 3818 K and use kerosene as fuel and liquid oxygen as oxidizer with a mixture ratio of 2.65. The validation of the design is done with ANSYS FLUENT and a C++ program is prepared for the development of geometry of the combustion chamber and nozzle of the DEAN. The designed nozzle produces a specific impulse of 472 s.


Aerospike nozzle Dual expander aerospike nozzle Numerical analysis Specific impulse 


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  • T. S. Sreekumar
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  • Pranav Menon
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  • Gerogi Alex
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  1. 1.Albertian Institute of Science and Technology, AISATKochiIndia

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