Research on Intellectual Property Protection of Network Information in China

  • Lin WangEmail author
  • Ying Xiong
  • Zhe Yan
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1142)


This paper aims to deal with that the growth of network information resources challenges the protection of intellectual property. Based on the deficiency of conception of traditional intellectual property in hearing and punishing the network information infringement cases, this paper gives some suggestions on the protection of network information intellectual property right. This paper deals with the problems of network information intellectual property by literature review and analysis of legal provisions. Then, the paper does further analysis to solve the existing problems and tries to put forward feasible recommendations. This paper explores the intellectual property problems of network information. It elucidates the insufficiency of traditional intellectual property laws in dealing with network information issues and the difficulties in trying and punishing the network information infringement cases. It gives some suggestions for addressing these problems. The suggestion points out that we should raise the public and online media’s awareness of protecting Internet information intellectual property and emphasize on the mechanism innovation and legal system construction of the network intellectual property protection. This paper gives practical measures to raise the public and online media’s awareness of protecting Internet information intellectual property, for example, adding the intellectual property law to the content of the law popularization work. This paper suggests that we should construct innovative mechanism of intellectual property protection of networked information that makes the information diffuse reasonably in a network environment.


Network information resources Intellectual property Information society 


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