NetGuard: Securing Network Environment Using Integrated OpenVPN, Pi-Hole, and IDS on Raspberry Pi

  • Abidah Mat TaibEmail author
  • Muhammad Tholhah Zabri
  • Nor Azira Mohd Radzi
  • Evizal Abdul Kadir
Conference paper


Owing to online dependency, almost all personal gadgets are connected to the internet. Socializing, working, satisfying hobbies in sports and entertainment all over the world are no longer a problem for ASEAN countries’ users. Unfortunately, some of these users are unaware that they are exposed to threats since their personal online activities could be scrutinized and tracked by malicious parties. Besides, the users are potentially becoming victims of phishing and also the man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack. In safeguarding the internet users, online activities need to be secured. Not everybody is well versed technically on the subject. Trainings or buying special devices for that purpose is costly and time-consuming, which is unappreciated by layman person. This paper discussed NetGuard, an integrated tool that hides the user’s internet protocol (IP) by masking it with OpenVPN server deployed in another country, secure users from being tracked by an attacker on internet and blocks any domain name system (DNS) request for known tracking and advertising domain by using Pi-Hole project. NetGuard was tested and its feedbacks were documented. The result showed respondents satisfactions with the NetGuard’s ability to maintain secrecy online and the network performance was not significantly degraded. As a whole, its usage possibly reduces the digital gaps especially between the ASEAN countries.


NetGuard Raspberry Pi Intrusion detection system (IS) Man-in-the-middle OpenVPN Pi-Hole 


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  • Muhammad Tholhah Zabri
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  • Nor Azira Mohd Radzi
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  • Evizal Abdul Kadir
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  1. 1.Faculty of Computer and Mathematical SciencesUniversiti Teknologi MARAArauMalaysia
  2. 2.Academy of Language Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARAArauMalaysia
  3. 3.Faculty of EngineeringUniversitas Islam RiauPekanbaruIndonesia

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