Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Using Virtual Machine (VM) for Insect Monitoring

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Many works are being done and continued in the area of agriculture using wireless sensor network (WSN) to detect environmental monitoring, humidity monitoring, soil moisture, air quality (pollution) monitoring, insect monitoring using WSN. It is a valuable decision control and support tool for farmers but unfortunately in developing region where farmers are mostly using pest control legacy system, WSN technology will help them to use it on ad-hoc basis only when needed based on the decision by the sensor. WSN is a specific purpose computer containing hardware whose main components are memory, CPU, IO, registers, data and address bus, timer, sensor, computing logic and decision-making logic. After analyzing the image, WSN can decide to take appropriate action. It means WSN contains both control plane (signaling) and data plane (forwarding) coupled together. In this paper, we are proposing a virtual WSN (vWSN) which is based on virtualization and cloud computing technology, centrally managed device having flexible and configurable parameters with less maintenance and operational cost.


Virtual wireless sensor network (vWSN) Virtual machine (VM) Virtual appliances (VA) Data plane Control plane 



The authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for funding this work through Research Group Project under grant number R.G.P.1/166/40.


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  1. 1.College of Computer Science, King Khalid UniversityAsir, AbhaKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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