Nanoparticles in Plant Growth and Development



Over time, nanotechnology has enabled a wide range of applications in the agricultural field due to the distinctive properties of nanoparticles, including high surface area, reactivity, agglomeration, penetration capability, size and structure. Nanoparticles have been by far advantageous for plant growth, development and protection. Nanoparticles bestow specificity in pesticide delivery, enhanced nutrient supply, managing pathogenicity, increasing photosynthetic capacity and germination rate. Apart from beneficial impacts on plants, there have been instances of toxicity and bioaccumulation of nanoparticles, which led to a few setbacks. Thus, it is necessary to have a complete knowledge of the positive and negative impacts of nanoparticles and to study all their characteristics in detail. This chapter highlights the impact of nanoparticles on the growth and development of plants.


Nano-particles Distinctive properties Impact on plants Bioaccumulation Toxicity Agriculture Nanotechnology Metals Plant growth Uptake and translocation Carbon nanotubes Graphene Fertilizers Phytotoxicity 


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