Medicines Access, Use and Pharmaceutical Health System Issues: Reflections, Thoughts and Points to Consider

  • Zaheer-Ud-Din BabarEmail author
  • Shane L. Scahill


The following is a list of editorials that have been published over the past dozen years or so that we have been working together. But it’s more than that, more than a list of front-end articles for a fledgling journal (Southern Med Review) and its contemporary, the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice. As readers we often flick through a range of journals and read interesting editorials and viewpoints. It is not often we will sit down and read the editorials from one journal source and ponder the issues that have developed over time. This body of work together reflects a degree of forward thinking about some of the key issues that are presented to us as researchers and practitioners in the pharmaceutical policy and pharmacy practice space. It is good practice as researchers to look backwards as well as forwards! Has much changed, are these issues still there or have some of them been addressed and are resolved?

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