Effective and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in India: A Challenge

  • Sushila Saini
  • Meenakshi Nandal
  • Geeta Dhania Bahamnia
Part of the Microorganisms for Sustainability book series (MICRO, volume 22)


Rapid unplanned urbanization and population leads to the generation of large amount of waste in India. Municipal solid waste is generated from various human activities like domestic and industrial. Huge amount of waste generation due to lack of efficient and effective management causes various diseases and environmental contamination. Municipal solid waste management (SWM) is nowadays a big issue not only due to environment and health issue but also to generation of large quantities of waste. Developments of an integrated effective management system have the understanding of amount of waste generated, availability of resources, and environmental condition of society. SWM is a discipline that concerns in controlling the generation, storage, collection, transportation, disposal, and processing of solid waste in a way that has no effects on economy, health, and environment and suits with public attitudes.


Municipal solid waste (MSW) Solid waste management (SWM) Incineration Composting Recycle Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) 


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  • Sushila Saini
    • 1
  • Meenakshi Nandal
    • 2
  • Geeta Dhania Bahamnia
    • 2
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  2. 2.Department of Environmental ScienceMaharshi Dayanand (MD) UniversityRohtakIndia

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