Application Research of Big Data Technology in Cross-Border E-Commerce Store Operation

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The development of the Internet has brought rapid development of e-commerce in China, while traditional foreign trade transactions have encountered new opportunities and challenges. Cross-border e-commerce has flourished in China. This model changes the product sales model and sales targets. More extensive, involving more technology and people. However, in the process of cross-border e-commerce development, enterprise stores are faced with problems such as product selection and construction, attracting traffic, store maintenance and cross-border logistics and distribution. Based on the analysis of the problem, this paper deals with various aspects from the perspective of big data technology. In the near future, big data technology will be more deeply applied in the cross-border field. This kind of application will face greater pressure on enterprises. As long as the data analysis is continuously improved and the essence of data analysis is achieved, accurate customer sales can be achieved. In order to ensure the long-term development of the store.


Big data Big data technology application Cross-border e-commerce Store operation 



Jiangsu University Philosophy and Social Science Research Fund Project “Research on Innovation Mechanism of Rural E-Commerce Development Model Based on Synergistic Effect”. Project number: 2019SJA1475; First Level Key Built Discipline Projects of the Business Administration under Jiangsu Provincial “the 13th Five-Year Plan”. Project number: SJY201609; Nantong Institute of Research professor and doctoral research project (201823).


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