Practical Teaching Mechanism of Electronic Commerce

  • Qiong Zhang
  • Hui-yong GuoEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1117)


Practical teaching is very important for cultivating students’ practical ability and innovative ability. At present, practice teaching of electronic commerce is insufficient, so it is necessary to construct an effective practice teaching mechanism for the major of electronic commerce. This paper puts forward that the teaching practice process should run through the cultivation of students’ independent ability, the teaching process should pay attention to efficiency and effect as well as the combination of basic theory and practical teaching, the teaching practice should pay attention to the mode of cooperation and joint training between schools and enterprises, and practical teaching should pay attention to the various abilities cultivation of the major of electronic commerce, which provides a certain theoretical basis for the establishment of the practical teaching mechanism of electronic commerce.


Electronic commerce Teaching mechanism Practice 



This research is funded by the school-level teaching research project of Wuhan Donghu University (A talent training research of real estate valuation based on the integration of industry and education) (Item Number: 34).


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