Clinical and Laboratory Measurements in Diabetic Neuropathies

  • Sanjeev Kelkar


This chapter deals with Peripheral Somatosensory Neuropathies, its anatomy in brief, clinical manifestations, and laboratory diagnosis of the same. Technically, Motor Peripheral Neuropathies are also result from the same type of thick myelinated fibers, but their profile and investigation is quite different from the Sensory Nerves. Hence these are discussed in a separate chapter. Similar is the case with Small fiber Neuropathies; hence these are also discussed separately. Sensory disturbances are commoner and more easily manifest, describable by the patients. Hence the separate treatment which also avoids long details which may confuse the subject maters. Occasionally references are made to autonomic nerves which essentially fall in small fiber neuropathies. Autonomic Nerve pathologies and related issue are described in separate chapters.



Neuropathy Symptom Score


Neuropathy Disability Score


Neuropathy Impairment Score


Neuropathy Symptom Profile


Neuropathy Symptoms and Change Score are the common generic scores. The other names are given below, of which many relate to the Institutions which have brought these about and validated


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